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What Is Most Effective for Teeth Whitening?

Published January 17, 2023 8:56 pm

There are a variety of reasons why your teeth may look shades below white, from smoking and teeth-grinding to staining from foods and beverages and aging enamel. The good news is, modern technology has fostered an array of options for a brighter smile, though, not all treatments may yield desired results and be safe. Here are some effective teeth-whitening methods to consider in the New Year.

Professional Bleaching

While at-home kits can be particularly effective in taking preventive action, it often uses low-dose bleaching agents, which may not always produce optimal results when you want significant results. In-office whitening uses higher levels of bleach, which is carefully monitored and controlled by a professional. This allows for safer, pain-free, lasting, and immediately visible outcomes. Some options for professional whitening include laser teeth whitening and LED teeth whitening.

Laser Teeth Whitening

A quick whitening procedure uses special lasers to activate and expedite the bleaching gel containing hydrogen peroxide, which is applied to the desired areas on your teeth. This option is great for lightening the overall color and should produce results after the first visit.

LED Teeth Whitening

Procedures like Zoom Teeth Whitening is a similar procedure to laser bleaching, but instead of using laser to activate and advance the bleach, it uses LED light. It’s not as intense as the laser whitening method, so this procedure may require more than one dental visit to achieve the desired results, though you can see results of up to 4 shades lighter in 30 minutes!

At-home Kits

While you may find over-the-counter whitening strips or gels that you can do at home, they may not always be safe or worthwhile. Take-home kits from your dentist are tailored to you and often use stronger whitening agents than the ones found at your local drugstore. With custom-made dental bleaching trays and higher concentrated bleaching gel, you can gradually see results as you implement the kit at home.

Routine Exam at Altitude Family Dental

Lastly, keeping up with your regular cleanings will help you maintain a cleaner and brighter smile. If you’d like to schedule an appointment for a routine exam, reach out to our team, and we’d be happy to assist. We’re also happy to talk about the options for professional teeth whitening, if you’re interested in pursuing treatment. Contact us at your earliest convenience!

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