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How to Set an Oral Hygiene Routine for Kids

Published June 10, 2022 10:59 pm

Having a child means having to teach them many things—some more exciting than others. From how to tie their shoes to how to use the potty, every day seems to bring a new adventure! Another important thing that you’ll need to educate your child on is how to set a proper oral hygiene routine.

Let’s face it: Brushing and flossing their teeth may not be the most exciting thing for a kid to do, especially when they learn they have to do it every morning and every night. But here are some ways to make setting an oral hygiene routine for kids more fun, which, in turn, will make it more likely that they’ll keep up with the practice.

Brush Together

When your child is young, it can help to brush your teeth at the same time together. That way they can learn what to do by watching you, and they can see that it’s something you do too—not just a chore for them alone. It can also make the time pass by faster knowing they have a buddy by their side!

Use Songs & Apps

Brushing your teeth should take around two minutes total, and while that’s actually not much, it can feel like an eternity for a little one. To make things easier, you can choose a special song that lasts around two minutes to be your child’s tooth-brushing song. Whenever it’s time to brush, they can play that song so they know how long to do it for and it makes the whole process more fun.

Alternatively, you can use one of the many tooth-brushing apps out there that are specifically designed for kids. These turn oral hygiene into a fun game, helping to cement the routine by making it a whole lot more fun.

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