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New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Oral Health

Published January 15, 2021 8:00 am

A new year is an excellent time to contemplate your life and what ways you can make it better. If you’re looking to improve your oral health, here are a few ideas on what your New Year’s resolutions can be!

  1. Quit Smoking & Tobacco Products
  2. There are numerous health benefits to quitting smoking and tobacco products. In terms of dental health, you will decrease your risk of developing bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay, discolored teeth, and oral cancer.

  3. Improve Your Oral Hygiene Routine
  4. If you’re only brushing once a day, bump it up to two times a day for two minutes each time. And if you’re not flossing every day, begin now. Additionally, consider setting reminders on your phone to buy a new toothbrush every 3 months to ensure its cleaning efficacy. Daily brushing and flossing are essential to remove bacteria and food particles from your teeth and gums that can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

  5. Make Healthier Food & Beverage Choices
  6. Your diet has a vital role in your oral health. Eating a lot of sugary snacks can lead to tooth decay and other issues. Make it a goal to choose healthier snacks and to drink water whenever possible.

  7. Schedule Routine Dental Visits
  8. Has it been a while since your last dental exam and professional cleaning? Schedule an appointment at Altitude Family Dental! Routine dental visits are essential to preventing, identifying, and treating dental issues. Early detection often means that treatment can be less invasive, more comfortable, and more affordable.

  9. Don’t Delay Other Necessary Dental Work
  10. At your checkup, we may recommend certain treatments to repair decay, infection, or other damage. If you need restorative care, make a goal to get that work done this year. Restorative dentistry can preserve your teeth structure, prevent bone loss, and keep your mouth healthy.

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